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Open to all, 577 builds a creative, caring community through curiosity and lifelong learning. This enduring passion extends to all facets of 577— from ecological balance and environmental sustainability, to broadening minds, stimulating imagination and expanding horizons.

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The legacy of Virginia Secor Stranahan, 577 nurtures innovation, evolution and growth while respecting established, time-honored practices and techniques. Most importantly, 577 is about spreading joy and having fun!

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The perfect place to unplug and explore thousands of gently-used books with selections for all ages and interests, a large selection of art supplies, and handmade pottery. New items are added to the shelves every day, and 577 staff is available to answer any questions on items available, upcoming classes, and more.

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Summer Fun at 577

Summer Fun at 577

Join us this summer at 577 for Saturdays filled with relaxation, creativity, and the enchanting melodies of live music. We invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of 577’s gardens as you are serenaded by the sweet sounds of live music drifting over the blossoming...

Cultivating Culinary Mushrooms

Cultivating Culinary Mushrooms

Written by Samantha Day, 577 Organic Garden Horticulturist
Part of our daily mantra at 577 is to experiment: try something new – maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but we’ll always learn something. I started with The 577 Foundation last Fall, and I’ve been excited to be allowed the space and support to start experimenting with…


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577 is open daily, 9am to 5pm. • The Welcome Center & Curiosity Shop is open Wednesday ~ Saturday, 10am to 5pm.