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Open to all, 577 builds a creative, caring community through curiosity and lifelong learning. This enduring passion extends to all facets of 577— from ecological balance and environmental sustainability, to broadening minds, stimulating imagination and expanding horizons.

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The legacy of Virginia Secor Stranahan, 577 nurtures innovation, evolution and growth while respecting established, time-honored practices and techniques. Most importantly, 577 is about spreading joy and having fun!


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The Power of Plants to Sustain

The Power of Plants to Sustain

Here at 577, we believe in the power of plants to sustain, whether it is vegetables and fruits for humans, or seeds, pollen, nectar, and shelter for all animals from insects to birds and mammals.  A key part of sustaining our local ecosystem can be accomplished by...

Join Our Team!

Join Our Team!

With summer just around the corner, we are looking to hire an eager summer staff member to keep The 577 Foundation beautiful and welcoming. This team member works alongside our year-round staff to tend the gardens and grounds, welcome visitors, and steward our mission...

Community Instructor Spotlight: Ellen Seeburger

Community Instructor Spotlight: Ellen Seeburger

Say Hello to Ellen! Ellen Seeburger is a fiber artist who enjoys weaving, embroidery, and fabric printing. She studied textiles at a traditional folk school in Sweden and has taught fiber art and craft classes for many years in a variety of settings. Her focus as a...


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577 is open daily, 9am to 5pm. The Welcome Center & Curiosity Shop is open Wednesday ~ Saturday, 10am to 4pm.