"Where people learn to like the land"
                          - Virginia Secor Stranahan

Founded by Virginia Secor Stranahan, The 577 Foundation is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the historic property at 577 East Front Street in Perrysburg, Ohio.

The Foundation, open to all, is an ecologically sensitive place that encourages diversity and seeks to foster exploration, experimentation, personal enjoyment and creativity in education.

The Foundation nurtures innovative ideas and will change to reflect the interests of the community.

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For real-time info on our Solar Panels &
Geodesic Biodome, click the following links:

Solar Panels Geodesic Biodome

Open Monday-Sunday
9:00am to 5:00pm

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Groups Larger than
a Family, Please
Call for Reservations

There are No
Picnic Grounds,
Parks are Nearby

The 577 Foundation

Heather Gallant
Executive Director

Eric Slough
Administrative Director

Julie Beutler
Pottery Director

Vicki Gallagher

Mike Mummert
Properties Director

Board of Trustees

Paul Croy
Paul Fenton
Peter Gwyn
Julie Higgins
Walter Krueger
Clint Mauk
Michael Miller
Kitty Beth Millhon
Martin Nagy
Frances Parry
Dick Sipp
Chuck Stocking
Mary Stranahan

Open Monday - Sunday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Groups larger than a family,
please call for reservations

There are no picnic grounds, parks are nearby


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