The Virginia Secor Stranahan Photo Gallery

Virginia Secor – born into one of Toledo’s founding families - grew up as a privileged child of banker-broker Jay Secor & Mary Barnes Secor, a western oil & gold heiress. In 1929 she married Toledo industrialist Duane Stranahan, Sr., the retired vice president of Champion Spark Plug Co.

She was surrounded by financial well being as well as by the family’s strong social and civic role in the city’s development.

Virginia rejected the course that others thought obvious for her. Fashion and leisure and luxury were never as important to her as human beings.

She was an accomplished sportswoman, an expert skier, fly fisherwoman & amateur golfer. She traveled extensively, often seeking out remote destinations of particular geographic or ecological interest.

Virginia continued her parents’ legacy of enlightened community service, responding vigorously to the challenges of each decade. There are few educational or social service agencies in northwest Ohio which did not at some point benefit from her incisive, highly practical observations. She volunteered as a nurse’s aide during the World War II days & served on many, many boards.

She was particularly keen on helping individuals achieve their highest potential through education and experience. So many people were able to move their lives ahead because of her support both financial and spiritual. She always trusted people’s instinct about what they thought was important in their own lives.

The Virginia Secor Stranahan Photo Gallery