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December 11, 2020

Today, we are deeply grateful.

This year has reminded us of the things that uplift us all, every day, at 577:

The value of beautiful outdoor spaces that refresh and inspire.

The understanding that your creative projects give you meaning, resilience, and purpose. Shaping a pot, cooking a new recipe, planting seedlings, writing a story, painting a landscape—these things make your spirit soar and bring you joy.

The truth that teaching and learning are a special exchange, one rooted in a passion for sharing things that matter to both teacher and student.

Feelings of awe at witnessing nature’s seasonal cycles, and the realization that today’s troubles will also pass.

The curiosity and hope you feel when as a monarch emerges from a chrysalis, a sunflower stretches out toward the sky, or a bird swoops overhead.

Reminders and observations like these pull us out of our worries and connect us to things larger and outside of ourselves.

Your support of The 577 Foundation has made these things possible in 2020.

For that: thank you.

Thanks for helping us all grow together, and thank you for sticking with us as we explore new ways of doing things in our current environment.What an adventure!

As we all look ahead to 2021, you may be wondering how else you can support 577.

First, please spread the word that 577 is a safe place where hungry hearts recharge.

Second, we could really use your financial help.

Not being able to host in-person classes and meetings for most of the year hurt, and the changes we had to make to keep 577 COVID-safe for visitors have been costly. A gift to our “Serendipity Fund” would help us weather this pandemic for you and so many others who love 577. Details about that fund are below.

In addition to the Serendipity Fund, there are several exciting projects we’re dreaming up for you (also described below).

Your financial support will make them a reality, and we hope they spark your interest and generosity!

A gift to 577 builds friendships, gives you a sense of purpose, gets you out into nature, and teaches you new things. It brings you meaning and fulfillment.

Will you give to 577 today?

Very appreciatively,

Heather Gallant, Executive Director
Phone: 419.872.0305

Giving Opportunities for 2021:
  1. Once UpPond a Time – in the heart of 577’s gardens is the outdoor pond. Who doesn’t love to sit nearby, listen to the water feature, watch the fish, frogs, snakes, and tadpoles, and snap photos of the water lilies? Installed over 20 years ago, it needs to be repaired and rebuilt. A gift to this project will bring beauty and curiosity for everyone (and every frog) to enjoy. Cost estimate: $15,000
  2. Lights – Cameras – Classes! We started offering online classes out of necessity, piecing together broadcasting equipment using what we had on hand. It’s opened new opportunities to provide classes to homebound folks and increase class sizes. We expect to keep some online classes going even after we can gather in person again . A gift to this project purchases better tech equipment to keep folks connected to their beloved classes and instructors. Cost estimate: $5,000
  3. The Serendipity Fund in honor of our founder, Virginia Secor Stranahan. She liked to say, “things go wrong in all the right ways.” We don’t know what she’d say about 2020, but a gift to the Serendipity Fund will cover areas where the money is needed most, or future opportunities beyond today’s imagination.

P.S. Click here for our 2020 Donor Update, in which we describe the impact of your gifts this year.

The 577 Foundation is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code;
EIN 34-1591869. Thank you for your gift!